Curiously enough, one of the most important business accessories are document folders and covers. Business document cases, address covers, covers made of cardboard, paper or leather, diploma covers, corner folders… there is innumerable quantity of them! Sometimes we do not fully realise how much time these simple folders help us to save. The main purpose of the folders is to retain the appearance of documents. With their help You can keep an eye on incoming documents and organise already existing information.

Our company offers our clients the production of such folders. They may be used for in-company document management but also for advertising and promotional purposes. In business circles the using of company folders is considered common courtesy. They will definitely complete the image of a business person.

Design of the folders or covers is by no means less important. Our specialists will prepare layouts in accordance with Your company style. Company folders with logos will undoubtedly positively impress Your business partners and at the same time they work as original promotional elements.

For those interested in these products we offer a wide range of colours. You can choose the colour shades harmonizing with Your corporate style. We use digital and offset printing for making folders. We also offer post-printing processing, such as laminating, foil-coating and UV-lacquer.