Logo pens

Logo pens are the most common promotional gifts in the business world. They are indispensable tools for promotional events, exhibitions, seminars and presentations. Ballpoint pens help to convey advertising information effectively, reflect an unobtrusive corporate style and make the brand more recognizable. An estimated nine out of ten companies have ballpoint pens with their own logos.

There are three main types of ballpoint pens: plastic, metal or wood. It is also worth choosing different pens for different purposes. However, there are both cheaper and more expensive, ie also more representative, pens of all types. Plastic pens are most often distributed to private or potential customers at various marketing events. However, metal and wooden ballpoint pens are usually designed for business and smart customers.

Pad printing and laser engraving are used to print logos, slogans, dates of important events and other information on pens.

Pad printing

Pad printing is used to apply the insignia to all types of ballpoint pens. In this printing method, the image is applied to the object by means of a special elastic stamp. The image remains multicolored and clear with this technology. The price of pad printing depends on the number of colors in the applied image.

Ballpoint pen with engraving

Laser engraving is used to apply insignia to metal and wooden pens. During laser engraving, the surface of the ballpoint pen is burned, resulting in grooves representing the desired logo or text. One of the special types of laser engraving is the so-called mirror engraving – the most exclusive method. The surface remains in the mirror after treatment with this method. This technology uses high-precision devices and is only used on certain types of ballpoint pens. Engraved pens emphasize the company’s style and reputation and are dignified business gifts for every occasion.

Pens with company logo

Like ballpoint pens, regular pencils are a good promotional item. Pens with the logo are necessary items in everyday life, which are good to use in the office or car and to carry in your pocket. Every time your customer or business partner takes notes with this pen, they will see your logo and think gratefully for your company. Ordinary pencils are stamped with the logo.

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