Offset Litho Printing

The history of offset printing goes back over a hundred years. In 1904, Ir Rubel, by a happy coincidence, applied ink from a printing plate to paper, and to a printing roller. The image turned out to be mirrored, but of higher quality. In addition, using the technique, the printing plate wore out much less. Since then, an intermediate shaft has been used for application and the paper does not come into contact with the printing form itself (offset – English, “Without a form with a form”). Since then, the technology itself has not changed, the speed of creating printing plates has increased, the accuracy and quality of printing has improved, and the display of colors and halftones has improved.

Offset printing is most suitable for high-volume printing where the cost of production is added to the cost of consumables and labor, so the end product costs less. For small runs, the printed form itself will become the total price of the product. The usual threshold for using offset is 1000 copies, but this depends on the format and type of work. We will definitely tell you about the options!

The printing form for offset printing does not allow personalizing data (corporate business cards for several employees, for example), however, the combination of the digital and offset printing method solves this problem.
Fuze LAB offers its clients the whole range of services in offset printing technique. Our qualified team provides you with the professional advice that will help you to avoid all the potential difficulties related to this method of printing. We are also prepared to offer our expertise in choosing materials, colours and original design solutions – all in the name of a perfect result!

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