Envelopes are usually used for addressed mailing and in-company correspondence.

Mailing envelopes are a part of both business and advertising printing. If You order envelopes from us, we can offer different kinds of papers to choose from in order to meet Your needs. Business envelopes made of designer paper are especially popular, despite of their high price. But these envelopes will clearly stand out from the rest of the mail. The text printed on the envelopes looks vivid and attractive. These are the letters that people read first.

Using business envelopes with logos instead of simple ones will help You to increase the prestige of the company. Business envelopes with logos are quite essential if Your company happens to organise an important event or presentation. Business envelopes with logos are just what You need to send out the invitations. These envelopes might come in handy for sending business invitations as well as for sending out postcards and presents. We can also print the logo and contact data of Your company on ready-made envelopes.