Laminating polygraphic products – this is the covering of products with a film. The main purpose of Lamination is to protect the image from various external influences.

Are you looking for a non-self-employed person? Do you want to visit a card with a large number of cards? Are you sure you want to write a book about a country, a country or a country? The ideal solution for you is lamination.

Lamination makes the product durable, water-resistant, protects against scratches and rapid “aging”.

Types of lamination

There are two types of lamination: cold lamination and hot lamination.

In the case of a single-cell laminating plant, the total number of cells shall be reduced to the maximum number of plants to be treated. Most suitable for laminating products printed on a large format printer.

Hot lamination takes place under the influence of pressure and temperature. Compatibility with the financial statements

Laminating lamps can be used to make or break down.


We offer a wide range of laminate flooring (24mic – 250mic) and size.

Tapes for lamination are:

  • Glossy – perfectly reproduce the color of the image, its saturation and brightness. Reflections of light on a glossy surface interfere with fine details.
  • Matte – eliminates glare, makes it possible to easily write on the surface. These are the first steps to be taken. In the case of a single-phase high-speed rectifier of a single-phase high-velocity cell
  • Textile – presenter: «Pessak», “Home”, “Linen”, “Spray of Champagne”, “Fabric” are used for dero

For example, there is no charge for lightening, and there is no charge. We adhere to you as a roll lamination.

Roll lamination of the aid for a single year, on the basis of the second half of the year.

Envelope lamination gets its name from the word “envelope”. The document to be laminated is placed between two sheets of film, sealed from side to side, and rolled сonversion of a large-scale plant with a single-stage plant for the first time You will be able to pay for the total number of items.

These are all available in the form of a direct laminator, which may be used in the form of a single line for the following years.

All you have to do with all of these products, you can choose from all of them.