Laser cutting and CNC milling

Laser cutting and CNC milling according to customer’s drawings. If you do not have a drawing, we can help you and prepare the necessary files suitable for cutting details.

Laser cutting and engraving

Laser cutting is a modern and high-quality way of processing plexiglass, wood, plywood and various types of plastics. It is used to make advertising products, souvenirs, decorative elements, products, followers of individual drawings and much more. We perform laser cutting with a CO2 laser device.

The thickness of the materials to be cut can be between 0.1-20 mm.

Laser engravingthe engraved object does not come into contact with the mechanical object, but the engraving takes place with a laser beam. Laser engraving allows you to engrave very precise details.

You can engrave almost all materials that can be cut. We are always ready to perform a sample or trial.

CNC milling and drilling

Setting up the machine is relatively easy and the process from drawing to product is fast, it allows to produce individual objects in a short time, as well as serial production.

CNC milling allows efficient milling of various sheet materials.

In addition, you can also cut most of the materials we cut with a laser. Depending on the desired result, you can choose whether you want laser cutting or CNC milling. For example, the cutting edge of the plexiglass remains a CNC milling mat, which gives a good result when cutting satin plexes with a matt surface. The edge of the plexiglass is clear when laser cutting

Product development and prototyping


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