Large format printing

Large format printing refers to digital printing , but since large format printing is widely used both for the production of outdoor advertising and for interior decoration, we decided to write about it separately. Large format printers allow you to print A2 size posters, 6x3m banners for advertising stands, figured car stickers, interior canvases and much more. And this is only a small part of what we can do to please customers who value original solutions!

The time to overpay for offset printing of oversized posters with technology is over!Fuze LAB offers you large format printing at competitive prices, without the extra charge for custom sizes, while ensuring high print quality.

Large-format printers can produce printed products up to 5 meters wide. The length is limited depending on the roll of material – there are 30 meters, 50 meters and 100 meters.

Materials for large format printing

The following materials are used in large format printing: paper, vinyl film, special material for banners and stands (roll-up and pop-up), mesh, typographic textiles / fabric, wallpaper material, canvas, Backlit PET.

The main advantage of large format printing is customized formats. It is not necessary to print only A3, A2, A1, A0 formats – the printed matter will be exactly the size that you need.

Post-printing processing

Printing is only one side of the printing process. Knowing how important the combination of appearance and aesthetic perception of the final product is, Fuze LAB offers its customers a comprehensive finishing service:

  • cutting to the desired format
  • lamination
  • contour cutting
  • welding of banners, tunnels along the edges, installation of eyelets
  • stretching canvases on stretchers
  • installation of a print on KAPA plates, plastic, glass, metal and other surfaces