Document covers

Oddly enough, various covers and folders have become the most important office supplies. Document covers, address folders, cardboard, leather or paper covers, diploma covers, film pockets – there are endless numbers! Sometimes we don’t even realize how much time using such simple covers can save. The main function of the covers is to preserve the appearance of the documents. Covers and folders help you keep your incoming documents organized, as well as easily find information you already have.

Our company offers its customers the production of covers and folders. Such covers can be used for in-house document circulation as well as for sending promotional and promotional materials. The use of company covers is considered a good tone in the business world and they undoubtedly belong to the image of a businessman.

The design of the lids is no less important. Our specialists prepare samples that follow the uniform style of your company. Company covers with a logo definitely have a positive effect in communication with business partners, but they are also a unique advertising element.

When ordering covers and folders, we offer you a diverse range of colors. You can choose colors that perfectly match your corporate style. We use digital and offset printing to make covers and folders. We also offer post-print processing of products, such as lamination, foil printing, embossing and UV varnishing.