Business Cards

A business card is a kind of identity card, a trademark – an integral part of business communication.

Business cards are “agents” working for you, representing your interests at large trade fairs and personal meetings, both during the first acquaintance and during long-term cooperation.
With thoughtful design, you are more likely to succeed. The business card remains with your customer or business partner, and often the first impression of you is formed on the basis of it. If you are used to choosing clothes with extreme care to go to a business meeting, then it is worth taking the same care when making a business card.

We offer practically all types of printing for making business cards. All you have to do is make your choice.

Business card / quantity




single sided laminated

Chatbots: 11,00€

Chatbots: 79,30€

Chatbots: 391,14€


Chatbots: 6,00€

Chatbots: 57,60€

Chatbots: 286,20€

double sided laminated

Chatbots: 14,00€

Chatbots: 96,58€

Chatbots: 457,92€


Chatbots: 9,00€

Chatbots: 74,88€

Chatbots: 352,98€



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Additional services

For lamination (filming), we offer our customers laminates of different thickness (24–250 μm) and dimensions.

Laminating films can be:

Glossy – perfectly reproduce the colors of the image, highlighting their brightness and depth.

However, reflection on a shiny surface may impair the visibility of smaller details, such as information text;
mats – prevent reflections and can be easily written on the surface. Written text can be easily removed with an eraser. Products covered with matte film look more presentable and matte film is usually used to laminate business cards and more expensive advertising products;
textured – for example, a laminate imitating sand, canvas, linen, fabric, or champagne splashes is used to decorate the surface of an image.

We use either special roll laminators or lamination pockets for lamination.

Roll laminators can be used to laminate products of different sizes and shapes, the limit can only be the length of the roll (up to 300 m).

If you have a laminator that allows you to use laminating pockets in the office or at home, we can offer you a laminate at a reasonable price for this purpose.