From the time of its foundation in 2009 up to the present Fuze LAB is working hard in order to improve the quality of digital print. We constantly strive to increase flexibility whilst decreasing costs and lead times.
24 hour lead times with the litho like quality is definitely possible! Our experience in the field of advertisement production has convinced us that nothing is impossible!

Custom Formats
Custom oversized documents, posters and banners up to 30m long, and this is not the complete list of products that can rejoice creative-minded customers.

Expert Finishing
Printing itself is not the only part in the process of advertisement production. Thus, we offer our clients the full range of finishing services that include laminating, folding, cutting, binding and stitching to effectively complement “look” with “feel”.

Personalized Printing
Be free to express your personality!
Personalized digital printing enables to tailor parts of documents without incurring extra set-up costs.

Large Format
The time of having overpay for the oversize litho poster printing is far in the past! Fuze LAB offers high quality A1, A0 and larger format poster printing for the extremely favorable prices.