visiitkaardidBusiness cards are the agents working for You, representing Your interests on large exhibitions and in personal meetings, during first encounter or continuous cooperation.

Correctly prepared business cards will help You to achieve success. It is Your business card that stays with a client or business partner and very often it creates the first impression of You. Preparing a business card is like choosing the right suit for a serious business meeting – You should never underestimate the importance of it.

We offer different types of business card printing. The choice is Yours.

Digital printing of business cards
Digital printing enables a quick preparation of business cards within 24 hours. In this case the main advantage is efficiency. Digital printing is also advisable for a small number of copies – 50, 100 or 500 pieces.

Offset printing of business cards
The advantage of offset printing is lower unit price in case of large number of copies. The only downside is a one-week production period.

Silk-screen printing of business cards
This is a type of stencil screen printing which enables to print business cards on cardboard, plastic and different kinds of paper. Business cards will definitely look original, but they are also more expensive.